Frequently Asked Questions:
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Q: What kind of filters are best for my

A: Our recommendation is fiberglass
mesh type in order to provide
adequate filtration without restricting
airflow. When airflow is
restricted, system performance suffers
and systems tend to fail
more rapidly.
Q: How often should I change my air

A: If you have pets, children, or a lot of
traffic in and out of your house,
its wise to change the filter once a month.
Generally the rule of
thumb is every three months. Check your
filter periodically to gage for
yourself the timeframe as to when you
should change the filter(s).
If you're not able to see through the filter
it's a good time for a change.
Q: Would a programmable thermostat
save me money?

A: Absolutely! By having your day & night
time temperatures set and
controlled by the timer in the thermostat,
your heating bill will be
reduced as will your electric bill.
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Q: My Heat or Air Conditioning is out... Is
there anything that I can check
before placing a service call?

A: YES! Start by checking the air filter. It
may be dirty (even if your
husband said he changed it last week....)
You should also check
the circuit breakers and fuses to see if
they are all operational.
Lastly, you should check the thermostat to
verify that it is adjusted to the appropriate
settings. We've found that by turning
the thermostat off and turning it back on
after 10 minutes solves the problem.
When in doubt and everything else fails, it
is always a smart bet to call in a
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